The Importance of Self Care

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The Importance of Self Care


At Carson, we understand how hard it can be to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But, did you know that self-care is incredibly important for your mental and physical well-being?

So what is it, exactly? Self-care is the practice of spending time on yourself in order to relax and heal. There are lots of ways to practice self-care, even if it’s doing something as little as going for a walk on your lunch break instead of sitting at your desk.

The problem is that in American culture, taking breaks or vacations is seen as lazy and unnecessary. American bosses often discourage employees from taking vacations and even lunch breaks. This isn’t even considering the fact that America still doesn’t have paid maternity leave. So what’s a stressed-out American worker to do?

First and foremost, you need to recognize that you matter. Unfortunately, our culture only values high productivity and constant success. If you do anything less, you are seen as worthless. Don’t let this infiltrate your mindset. You matter and your self-care matters. In fact, practicing self-care can improve your work.

This is because the practice of never taking breaks and being on a constant work grind actually lowers productivity. When a worker is unhappy and stressed, they tend to work slower and churn out lower quality work. That means that taking breaks is actually good for your work.

There are endless ways to practice self-care, depending on your own personal needs and preferences, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Take a Vacation

This may seem like a big leap if you’re already a workaholic, but that’s an even better reason to do it. Taking vacations is proven to improve work productivity and even boost your creativity. So stop saving your vacation time and go see the world!

Take Your Full Lunch Break

This is a smaller step you can take towards self-care, but an important one. If you’re the type to work through lunch or take short breaks, then stop now. You deserve to relax and you’ll function much more effectively if you allow yourself breaks. The mind can only focus and work efficiently for so long. Breaks allow it to recharge.

Take a Mineral Water Soak

You probably knew we were going to suggest this one, but hear us out. Mineral soaks are a wonderful way to relax. Your body deserves a break just as much as your mind does. So take a soak in Carson’s authentic mineral water and let your body heal from all the stress.

Get a Massage

Another suggestion you probably saw coming, but you probably know why. Massages are incredibly relaxing, allowing your mind to escape while the tension leaves your body. It’s the ultimate self-care tactic.

Work Out

Working out is a great way to get your endorphins up and get you feeling good. It provides you with positive emotions and improves your health while you’re at it! It’s a great way to care for yourself.

Eat Right

Healthy eating is proven to improve mood, energy, health and more. Investing in the food you put in your body will provide you with a number of benefits, so why not start today? You deserve a healthy body and relaxed mind.

Self-care should be an integral part of everyone’s lives. Otherwise, what’s the point of it all? If you’re working nonstop to make money you don’t spend, then what are you gaining? We all deserve breaks. And as a result of self-care, you’ll notice huge improvements in your productivity, creativity, and efficiency. So there’s no reason not to start practicing self-care today!