Why Every Active Person Should Get a Massage

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Why Every Active Person Should Get a Massage

Massage therapy has many proven benefits, but a lot of people still only associate it with relaxation. In fact, massage therapy can be helpful in offering relief for a number of physical and mental conditions. But it is also recommended for athletes as well as the average active individual.

This is because massages can do a number of things for active people. There’s a reason why nearly every professional athlete gets massages on a regular basis, after all.

Medical professionals everywhere agree that massage therapy can not only offer relief and relaxation for active people, but it can actually improve their athletic performance. Here are the main benefits active people can look forward to when they get massages.


Massage is proven to aid in your range of motion, mostly because it helps loosen everything up enough to allow for more movement. It does this by stretching the muscle fibers, which can improve flexibility especially well if you receive massages on a regular basis. It also helps even out the body’s range of motion. Just because your left leg isn’t tight doesn’t mean your right leg isn’t. Massage helps balance your flexibility.

Pain Relief

massage therapy helps back painWhether you’re suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) or you’re experiencing a sports-related injury, massage therapy can offer you much-needed pain relief. Reducing pain enhances your athletic performance, because obviously pain can slow you down in whatever physical activity you’re engaging in.

Improved Circulation

Massage therapy promotes your blood’s circulation, which is vital for heart health and overall wellness. It’s especially important to have good circulation in order to perform cardiovascular exercises well and safely. Improved circulation can also lead to faster recovery from DOMS and injuries, which can return you to effective training sooner.

Reduced Muscle Tension

A relaxed body and mind leads to better athletic performance, and massage therapy can relax both. Many active people tend to have an active, no-rest personality, which makes it hard for them to slow down and allow their bodies time to heal. This constant stress and tension takes a toll on the body, but massage therapy can reduce and even prevent tension and stress.

Better Sleep

get a massageAgain, if you have that toxic mindset of needing to be productive constantly, it can disrupt your sleep. You toss and turn in bed worrying about your next workout or your new project at work instead of actually sleeping. But with reduced tension and less muscle pain, you’ll be able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep when you do.

So do what the professional athletes do and take care of your body. It’s not enough to exercise a lot and eat right. You need to give your body the rest and relaxation it needs in order to perform better and live longer. Book your massage at Carson’s spa today!