Fun Ways to Stay Active at Carson

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Fun Ways to Stay Active at Carson

fun ways to stay active during your stay at carson

If you’re a fitness junkie or just love getting active, you may hate the fact that your workouts get put on hold during vacation. Well that doesn’t have to be the case when you’re staying at Carson. There are lots of fun ways to stay active during your stay with us! Check out this list to learn how.


There are plenty of cool biking trails along the Columbia River Gorge, right by Carson. The trails have varying levels of difficulty in regards to terrain, so select your trail wisely. And if you don’t want to lug your bike along with you on vacation, you can just rent one in town. It’s a great way to stay active while enjoying all the natural beauty the surrounding area has to offer.


Similarly, hiking provides another excellent way to get your heart rate up while exploring the Gorge. Whether you go for a leisurely stroll or several mile trek, hiking is great for your health. Plus it’s a fun activity to do solo or with friends and family. Many of our guests at Carson enjoy hiking along the Columbia River Gorge.


If you really want to get in a good workout, we recommend running along some of the hiking trails. Not only will the ranging terrain test your athleticism, but the mountain air will prove to be an exciting challenge as well. The air is thinner, making it a little harder to breathe deeply, which makes your workout even more challenging. It’s great for those who want to stay in shape during their stay with us.


Though not on par with running in terms of burning calories, golfing is still a good way to stay active at Carson. We have Elk Ridge Golf Course practically in our backyard, so it’s no trouble at all for our guests to head over there and spend a day on the course. Plus the course itself is a beautiful sight to see, whether you’re interested in golfing or not.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding provides a great core workout and is yet another way to admire the beauty of the Columbia Gorge while being active. Horseback riding is both fun and relaxing, plus it’s a great activity for the whole family. We highly recommend trying it at least once while you’re here.

Whether you try one or all of these fun ways to stay active at Carson, you’ll certainly never be bored. There are options for everyone from fitness enthusiasts to those who just want to get out a little more. Either way though, we guarantee you’ll enjoy your stay at Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort.