Ease Arthritis Pain at Carson

arthritis pain
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Ease Arthritis Pain at Carson

arthritis pain

Chronic pain is incredibly draining to live with, and sometimes medication just doesn’t work. That’s why so many people come to Carson seeking all natural relief for, particularly those who suffer from arthritis. Luckily, there are quite a few all-natural ways to ease arthritis pain at Carson. Here’s our working list.

Soak in Mineral Water

Soaking in authentic mineral water is the number one reason arthritis sufferers come to Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort. The magnesium and calcium that are found in natural mineral water are extremely helpful when it comes to easing pain and inflammation. Plus the heat from a hot mineral water bath can help ease pain by increasing blood circulation.

Drink Mineral Water

To truly make the most of our healing water at Carson though, you have to drink some of it! It’s the best way to absorb all the vitamins and minerals in our water. Additionally, staying hydrated in general helps your body combat pain more efficiently.

Get a Massage

Massage therapy improves blood circulation, which leads to natural pain relief. It can also ease sore joints, leaving you feeling loosened up and relaxed. It’s a great way to get natural arthritis pain relief while pampering yourself a bit.

Get Some Rest

Chronic pain is nearly unbearable if you don’t get enough rest. Your body needs rest so that it can heal and function properly. Good thing there are so many comfortable rooms at Carson! Some of our rooms even come with private mineral water hot tubs.

Hit the Trails

If you’re in pain, you probably don’t want to do anything active, but studies have shown that aerobic exercise can significantly contribute to pain reduction. That’s why hiking along the Columbia River Gorge is a great thing to do during your visit to Carson. It will help improve your blood circulation and produce endorphins that promote natural pain relief.

It’s pretty clear why so many people suffering from arthritis come to Carson for natural pain relief. It’s essentially the perfect getaway for natural healing and reduced pain. Book your healing escape today!