Surprising Benefits of Holistic Healing

holistic healing
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Surprising Benefits of Holistic Healing

holistic healing

At Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort, we value the art of holistic healing. It’s an under-appreciated form of healing that actually has a number of benefits. If you haven’t done your research yet, then this is the post for you. We gathered some of the surprising benefits of holistic healing that we believe all of our guests deserve to know. Read on to learn more!

Effective Pain Relief

Holistic pain relief is surprisingly effective, particularly if you’re using proven methods like taking hot mineral water baths and receiving relaxing massages. It goes beyond just that, though. Choosing healthy, wholesome foods can make a huge difference in how your body functions and reacts to pain. Even exercise can be an extremely effective holistic pain relief method.

Overall Health Improvement

When you’re not constantly taking medications with harmful or unknown side effects, you’ll notice a difference in how your body functions. It’s not as dependent on mediation, making it easier to skip the ibuprofen when you have a headache and reach for all-natural supplements like the ones that drinking mineral water provides.

Maintaining Balance

Focusing on holistic healing can help you maintain balance when it comes to your health. It limits or eliminates the need for medication and helps you stay healthy more consistently, since it allows your body to strengthen itself, rather than relying on the help of medication.

Environmental Benefits

The production of medication and useless skin care products does a lot of damage to the planet. Not only do the chemicals harm the environment, but the endless packaging does as well. That’s why holistic healing is a great way to reduce your impact on the planet.


Switching over to the holistic approach, even if you still use some medication (and we highly encourage that you take what your doctor prescribes), can reduce toxins in your body. Holistic methods like mineral water baths can release toxins from your body and taking fewer medication can reduce the amount of toxins your body absorbs.

Whether you’re seeking a holistic healing approach for your health, the planet, or both, Carson is the place to begin your journey. Book a stay with us today to see what holistic heaking can do for you!