5 Outdoor Activities to Do at Carson this Season

outdoor activities
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5 Outdoor Activities to Do at Carson this Season

outdoor activities

Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort is known for its relaxing atmosphere and soothing spa services, but it’s also an excellent destination for the avid outdoorsman. Carson is located right by the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge, paradise for nature lovers. Best of all, we’ve now fully entered the season for outdoor activities! So here are 5 outdoor activities to do at Carson this season.

1. Hiking

Expert hikers and newbies alike love trekking the Columbia River Gorge. With its varied trails and numerous waterfalls, it’s the perfect spot for any outdoor enthusiast. It’s even good for some family fun because of its various parks and picnic areas. It’s a great way to marvel at nature, get some exercise, and bond with family.

2. Biking

The Columbia Gorge has plenty of bike-friendly trails as well. You can rent one in Carson or bring your own, and zip through the endless trails along the Gorge. Biking helps you cover more ground and see lots of wildlife and waterfalls along the way.

3. Fishing

The Columbia River is full of excellent fishing areas that draw anglers from all over the world. It’s known for its wild salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout, and more. Whether you’re looking to spend quality time in nature, do a fun activity, or find some dinner, fishing in the Columbia river offers all three!

4. Golfing

Elk Ridge Golf Course is practically in Carson’s backyard and offers 18 challenging holes where both professionals and beginners can enjoy the beautiful Washington weather. It’s a relaxing activity that provides a little friendly competition as well as a chance to enjoy some of the area’s natural beauty.

5. Soaking

Did you know that Carson has a number of rooms with hot tubs? These hot tubs are located on the room’s private balcony overlooking the towering evergreen trees of the surrounding Columbia Gorge. It allows guests to figuratively soak in nature while they literally soak in our healing mineral water.

So you see there are many fun outdoor activities to do at Carson during your next stay with us. Begin your outdoor adventure by booking a stay with us today!