Benefits of Taking a Long Hot Bath

benefits of taking a long hot bath
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Benefits of Taking a Long Hot Bath

benefits of taking a long hot bath

Whether it’s in a tub of our healing mineral water or in the comfort of your own home, taking a long hot bath has a number of benefits that you may not know. Even if you did know them already, our list of benefits will serve as a nice reminder to practice self care and give your body what it wants and needs. So check out this list of benefits of taking a long hot bath!

Better blood circulation

The heat from a hot bath naturally promotes blood circulation, making your body work more efficiently. This can speed up your body’s natural healing processes as well as improve heart health. These benefits are enhanced if you’re soaking in authentic mineral water.

Natural stress relief

Hot baths can also release endorphins by raising your heart rate, offering natural stress relief. It’s a great holistic way to deal with anxiety, depression, or just daily stress. Once again, this effect is enhanced if you’re soaking in mineral water at Carson.

Easing headaches (and other pains)

Taking a hot bath can offer relief from headaches, arthritis, muscle soreness, and more. Really any ache or pain you have can be eased with a hot bath. It’s a great way to promote your body’s natural healing process and get some much-needed pain relief.

Reducing cold and flu symptoms

The heat from a bath can even reduce cold and flu symptoms. It does this by loosening excess phlegm lodged in your nose or chest, making it easier to breathe. What a relaxing way to deal with a cold! It definitely beats gargling warm salt water.

Moisturizing skin

Hot baths, particularly mineral water baths, are incredibly good for your skin. The warmth helps it retain moisture and the minerals reduce redness, inflammation, rashes, and even acne. It’s the perfect way to pamper your skin.

This is just a small sample of the many benefits of taking a long hot bath, but it’s enough to motivate us to get in the tub! Experience these benefits and many more next time you visit Carson’s vintage bathhouse or soak in one of our private balcony hot tubs.