5 Reasons to Visit a Vintage Bathhouse

vintage bathhouse
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5 Reasons to Visit a Vintage Bathhouse

vintage bathhouse

If you didn’t know this already, Carson Hot Springs Golf and Spa Resort is home to a vintage bathhouse that uses authentic mineral water from a hot spring. Of all the hot springs in Washington, we believe our unique spa sources from the best one! However, we’re especially proud of our unique hot springs bathhouse. In case you were considering giving us a visit, here are 5 reasons to visit a vintage bathhouse.


There’s something about the old school atmosphere of the original bathhouse at Carson that leaves people feeling incredibly relaxed. Well that and the fact that hot mineral water soaks are proven to relax you both mentally and physically. Follow up your soak with a luxurious hot linen wrap for the ultimate relaxation experience.


Our unique clawfoot tubs located in our vintage bathhouse will have you feeling nostalgic for days past. It’s like stepping back in time and getting to experience something of what healing bathhouses were like in the old days. We all get a little nostalgic sometimes!


Mineral water baths have been used for healing for centuries. They’ve been proven to help with skin problems, aches, pains, and even mental health issues. Whatever ails you, mineral water is a veritable cure-all. Some have even referred to hot springs as a fountain of youth.


What’s not to like about visiting the past in our beautiful vintage bathhouse? Plus, there are tons of other things to do around Carson, including golfing at Elk Ridge Golf Course or hiking in the Columbia River Gorge.


Lastly, visiting a vintage bathhouse with your significant other or good friend is a great bonding experience. Taking the time to relax and heal together while getting to know one another a little bit better will help strengthen your relationship. That’s why it’s so perfect for honeymoons and anniversaries!

So book a weekend stay or simply visit for the day, but make sure to drop by Carson’s vintage bathhouse this summer. We promise you’ll love it here as much as we do!