5 Ways to Reduce Inflammation Naturally at Carson

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5 Ways to Reduce Inflammation Naturally at Carson

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Hot springs in Washington are known for their ability to relax and heal people. But when you stay at a hot springs spa like Carson, the benefits are endless, going far beyond just our authentic mineral water baths. In fact, many people visit Carson specifically to reduce inflammation naturally. There are many ways to do that here, so we decided to list 5 for you!

1. Mineral Water Baths

Obviously the main reason people visit hot springs in Washington is to soak in all natural mineral water. Mineral water is naturally imbued with a number of vitamins and mineral that naturally reduce inflammation in joints and muscles. It can also reduce inflammation on the skin, caused by psoriasis or acne, among other conditions.

2. Massage Therapy

Another benefit of visiting a hot springs spa like Carson is that we also offer massage therapy. Massage therapy is a great way to reduce inflammation and ease muscle tension all while offering mental relief. Our skilled massage therapists at Carson will customize the massage to your body in order to optimize its benefits.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Food

There’s a number of naturally anti-inflammatory foods out there, many of which we offer here at Carson. Any food rich in Omega-3s, like salmon or walnuts, can help reduce inflammation naturally. Who knew you could eat your way to good health?

4. Bottled Mineral Water

We also offer bottled mineral water at Carson. Because another great thing about hot springs in Washington is that you can get benefits from drinking the mineral water as well as soaking in it. Plus drinking mineral water is also quite effective when you’re trying to reduce inflammation naturally.

5. Get Active

When you’re experiencing inflammation of any kind, the last thing you want to do is work out. But aerobic exercise is actually a great way reduce inflammation naturally. We recommend going on a vigorous hike in the Columbia River Gorge, which is right by Carson!

So if you’re looking for ways to reduce inflammation naturally, book a stay at Carson Hot Springs Golf and Spa Resort today! If you’re looking for hot springs in Washington, this is place to go. We’re the best hot springs spa around!