Backwoods Brewing Company

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Backwoods Brewing Company

Started by two brothers, Kevin and Tom Waters, Backwoods Brewing Company has come a long way since they first started with a one-barrel system. Brewing beer is in their genes, as they learned from their father Jim before setting off to college.

What started as a small operation, this brewing company now operates through a 20 barrel system. For people staying at Carson Hot Springs or locals of Carson, you’ll notice how evident their connection to their northwest roots is. They take the best ingredients found here in the Northwest region and incorporate them into their distinctly flavorful craft beers.

There is a constant reminder of just how much they’re tied to the community. All of their brewer’s and staff are local family and friends. As they put it, “our goal is to provide more jobs and give back to our local community.” This brewing company is special in more areas than their passion for producing the best tasting beer. They care about their surroundings, and because of that, Backwood embodies what makes a small town like Carson so great.

Not to mention, they knock it out of the park with their food as well. Excellent pizza and mouth-watering sandwiches are a couple of their specialties, and combining that with their refreshing beers is a match made in heaven. They even provide live entertainment on some nights to keep the large crowds even more happy.  

So if you’re staying at Carson Hot Springs & Resort and want to get a feel for the local ambiance, head over to Backwoods Brewing Company for an experience that goes beyond food and drinks.