What Makes Us the Best Hot Springs In Washington

best hot springs in Washington
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What Makes Us the Best Hot Springs In Washington

best hot springs in WashingtonWhile it may be obvious for those who have visited, we want to give new comers a chance to understand why we’re the best hot springs in Washington. At Carson Hot Springs Resort, we pride ourselves in every aspect of our business. From how we make the bed for you to the spa treatment we give, there is nothing left out of our process. We think about each detail to make sure you walk away happy and satisfied.

Here’s what makes us the best hot springs in Washington

Mineral Soaking Tub

Our newly renovated mineral soaking tub is one of our favorites, and guests as well. We firmly believe that a good long soak in our mineral water is just what your body needs. With an abundant amount of health benefits, there’s no wonder why people enjoy it so much. We use mineral water directly from the hot spring in our backyard to let each guest experience the healing powers it stores.


With a rustic charm that is unique to Carson Hot Springs Resort, our bathhouse offers guests an authentic experience with incredible comfort. Our bathhouse has clawfoot tubs and vintage stylings to give guests the feeling that their transported to an era of leisure. Like our mineral soaking tub, our bathhouse tubs has mineral water directly pumped into them so that you get another chance to naturally heal your body.

What makes us the best hot springs in Washington is not only the baths, but our variety of spa services that accompany it. If you’re in the mood to get more than a soak, there are a few options you can combine.

For example, after your soothing soak, we encourage guests to try our warming wraps. This gives you a chance to be wrapped in high quality warm linens and enjoy the serenity of our bathhouse.

If you are feeling the need to take your spa experience an extra step further, we’ve got you covered. Add on a tranquil massage for a trifecta of full-body healing and relaxation. Our classic full-body massage is the perfect way to remove the toxins from your body as well as relieve any joint pain or muscle issues.


Another reason we’re best hot springs in Washington is our versatility. We feel like confining guests to one activity can be a bit limiting, even if it is relaxing. That’s why we encourage guests to head out to our Elk Ridge Golf Course for an incredible round of group engulfed in the Columbia River Gorge.

Golfing can be extremely therapeutic out here in the Gorge due to the incredible views and lush green fairways. Even if you have a bad round it can still be a good way to get out all of your negative energy. It’s also the perfect way to start your day so that by the time you finish you’re ready for that incredible spa treatment we offer.

Not matter what reason entices you, make sure you check out Carson Hot Springs Resort for an incredible time!