Why You Should Golf at Elk Ridge Golf Course in Winter

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Why You Should Golf at Elk Ridge Golf Course in Winter

elk ridge golf courseWhen you think about golfing, you usually don’t think about wintertime. The two of those ideas are not supposed to together unless you live in really warm climates. However, golfing at Elk Ridge Golf Course in the winter is quite a treat.

Even though the Gorge can get a bit cold, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favorite hobby. Golfing in the winter at Elk Ridge Golf Course is something we highly recommend. Not just because we run the course, but for a variety of reasons. In order to persuade you even more, we created a list of why you should hit the links this winter.

Here are some reasons to golf at Elk Ridge Golf Course in Winter

Course Conditions

Despite what people might think about the Gorge in the winter, it’s actually fairly moderate weather. At Elk Ridge Golf Course, we can proudly boast to be the driest course in the Pacific Northwest.

We have incredible greens keepers who work extremely hard at maintaining the integrity of the course. Even in the rainy conditions we ensure our golfers that the drainage on the course we quickly absorb all of the excess water. This makes your playing experience less troublesome and potentially save you from some bogeys.


Incase you haven’t had the chance to visit us at Elk Ridge Golf Course or Carson Hot Springs, then you might not be aware of the surroundings. For us, this is the true selling point for golfing here. With spectacular views of the Columbia River Gorge encapsulating the course, it’s hard not to take a picture at every hole.

The tall evergreens cascade down the hills and flow into our lush green fairways, creating an unbeatable day of golfing. It’s hard to be mad at an errant shot when you’ve got breathtaking views 360 degrees. We love where we’re at and sharing this forest laden course is our pleasure.

Elk Ridge Clubhouse

What’s the best part about golfing 18 holes? The 19th hole of course. If you’re not familiar, that means the clubhouse for food and drinks after a great round of golf. At the Elk Ridge Clubhouse, we offer our guests great wholesome food and refreshing local beers and drinks to wash down that food.

Our outdoor deck provides an excellent place to enjoy watching fellow golfers on the 18th hole and soak in the great views. Our clubhouse is the perfect spot to unwind with your friends and reminisce about the great shots or classic duck hooks that could have been better.

Regardless of why you want to golf, make sure to take advantage of Elk Ridge Golf Course this winter!