5 Benefits of Essential Oil

benefits of essential oil
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5 Benefits of Essential Oil

benefits of essential oilAt Carson Hot Springs Resort, we believe that the best cure for health problems can be found from nature. Natural medicine is a part of our resort, so we truly think that healing comes from the environment. When it comes to the benefits of essential oil, the list can go on and on.

Whether you plan on trying to beat a bad cold to simply wanting to change the aroma of the room, essential oils are the perfect type of natural remedy for everyday mental and physical annoyances. We feel like everyone should experience the benefits of essential oils. That’s why we compiled a list of some of our favorites and the ways in which they can help you.

Here are the benefits of Essential Oil


Extremely versatile and complex, lavender can be used in many situations. If you want to sit back and try to relax after a long day of work, lavender oil is great in that situation. It can even be used as a topical ailment if you have cuts, bruises, or skin irritation. We recommend putting a few drops in a diffuser or bathtub as a way to help calm yourself and reap the benefits of essential oil.


If you’re feeling a bit groggy or lackadaisical and need to be more alert, lemon oil is your go to. It can help keep you more focused and concentrate on your work or project. While commonly associated with detox, the benefits of this essential oil can be used for acne and keeping fleas away.


For those of you who suffer from allergies, the benefits of this essential oil will be right down your alley. Constant problems being congested or having trouble breathing are the worst. Eucalyptus oil helps alleviate your sinus pressure and muscle soreness. Some of the antibacterial aspects of this oil help stimulate the immune system, fighting sickness. Putting a couple drops in a diffuser can go a long way to helping you breathe easier.

Tea Tree

Commonly found in skin care products, tea tree oil is great for topical use. Tea tree oil is great if you are having skin problems like athletes foot or even infections from cuts. If you think you open wound might get infected, be sure to apply this oil to see what the benefits of essential oils is all about.


Not just for candy canes, peppermint is an extremely helpful oil. It has been shown to stimulate the mind, causing more mental alertness and accuracy. Commonly, most benefits of essential oil have to be used through vapors or topically. Thankfully, peppermint can be ingested. This is really great because it can help indigestion problems.