5 Reasons Our Bathhouse Is Special

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5 Reasons Our Bathhouse Is Special

A bathhouse experience should transport you to a different time. At Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort, we believe that our bathhouse provides this gateway to a simplistic way of relaxation. Built in the 1930s with a vision of a peaceful retreat in mind, we have continued this vision to the present day.bath-house_PAGE_CARSON_image header
When you pair a serene place like the Columbia River Gorge with a soothing bathhouse experience, you get the perfect combination of nature and pamper. It’s not too often that you can overlook the Columbia River Gorge while soaking in a hot tub and then get a therapeutic massage.

Here are 5 reasons our bathhouse is special

Rich With History

As we stated before, our bathhouse is loaded with history. With over 80 years of service, we’ve been able to serve our guests throughout the decades. This has allowed us to offer a truly unique bathhouse, one that feels like you’re lounging in a relic of the past.

Authentic Experience

There are not too many places in the country where you have the please of soaking in old-school clawfoot tubs. At our resort, you get the chance to relax in an authentic bathhouse.

Rejuvenating Mineral Water

The idea of soaking in warm, calming water while healing yourself seems pretty enticing, right? It was this reason that we opened our resort in the first place. Why not give yourself time to relax and heal yourself physically and mentally? Our mineral water is pumped directly from the hot springs in our backyard, giving you the most natural healing remedy possible.

Therapeutic Massages

Our bathhouse services go above and beyond the simple mineral soak as well. If you find yourself in need of working out some stress, toxins, aches, or pains; then you have to schedule a therapeutic massage. Not only do our trained professional work with you to target your areas of most importance, we create an ambiance so that you can find an inner peace while receiving this massage.

Time to Unwind

One of the greatest feelings to us is the ability to disconnect from the outside world and unwind. At Carson Hot Springs Resort, you have the chance to truly unplug yourself and focus on clearing your mind of unwanted stress. This time away from work and outside pressures can be an invaluable tool to think about what’s most important to you.