9 Habits of Healthy People

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9 Habits of Healthy People

Many people make vague New Year’s resolutions to “get healthier,” without ever actually following through. So how do we end this cycle of making and breaking promises to ourselves again and again, even though we are craving positive change in our lives?

The short answer is hard work. Force yourself to do what you know is good for you. The longer answer involves turning healthy activities into daily habits. So before I go any further, here are 9 things that healthy people do and why you should incorporate them into your own life.

1. Drink Lots of Water

habits of healthy peopleStaying hydrated is essential to staying healthy. Not only does it flush out your system on a regular basis, but it fills you up, curbing hunger. Drinking water with your meals has been proven to decrease the amount of food you eat, as well as the speed at which you eat it. This makes you feel fuller, longer. For an extra boost, drink authentic mineral water. It will cleanse out toxins and improve your digestion, among other benefits.

2. Eat Breakfast

It may be tempting to skip breakfast, particularly if you’re trying to lose weight, but it’s actually counterintuitive. Even eating a piece of fruit or some toast is better than skipping breakfast altogether. If you skip breakfast, you’ll feel sluggish and tired for the whole morning until you finally have lunch. Plus, you’ll be more likely to eat more at lunch and/or dinner, and ultimately consume more calories than you would if you’d had breakfast.

3. Have Cheat Meals

Sometimes when we resolve to get healthier or lose weight, we come up with ridiculously restrictive diets that not even the most disciplined person could stick to. The intention is good, but you have to realize that weight loss, and even just making healthy habits, takes time. If you restrict yourself too much, you’ll almost certainly cheat sooner or later, and binge eat something unhealthy. Instead, allow yourself a cheat meal once a week or so and don’t try to change your eating habits too much too soon. Also, to be clear, this is a cheat meal not a cheat day. So don’t act like all bets are off now that you’ve eaten a couple doughnuts. Stick to your (reasonable) eating goal outside of this one cheat meal.

4. Accept Slip-Ups

If you do end up turning your cheat meal into a cheat day, though, don’t beat yourself up for it. Healthy people understand that slip-ups are temporary and you should too. Don’t let the slip-up discourage you from continuing towards your goal. All your hard work isn’t going to disappear because of one unhealthy day. Instead, use it as motivation to work even harder. Mistakes are inevitable. Don’t let them stop you!

5. Sit Down to Eat

Eating on the go is a habit that plagues America. Few of us stop to savor our food. Instead we eat in the car, walking down the street, or while watching TV. These activities distract us from eating and actually make us prone to eating more, since we’re chewing without thinking. Sitting down to eat with no distractions is a great way to slow down the pace that you eat, making you more in tune with when you’re actually full. To start your habit of sitting while eating, try taking a seat at the Elk Ridge Clubhouse and choose from the many delicious items on the menu! In short, turn eating into a ritual, not a chore. Slow down and savor every bite.

6. Plan Meals

A lot of times when you’re trying eat healthier, you just buy a bunch of healthy food at the grocery store and assume the rest will fall into place. It won’t. Healthy people carefully plan out their grocery lists and their meals, oftentimes making a big batch of something so they can have it a few times during the week. Doing this limits the amount they have to cook. Planning meals sounds boring, but it doesn’t have to be! Start by looking up fun healthy recipes to try, and get ingredients for the most delicious looking ones. You’ll be enjoying your meals and eating healthy in no time.

7. Get Enough Sleep

get a massageSleeping enough is easy if you’re staying somewhere as relaxing as Carson Hot Springs Resort, but it can be hard during daily life. You work all day and then stay up late with friends or family, or maybe even watching TV. In this process though, you’re getting way less sleep than you should. This lowers your productivity and weakens your resolve when it comes to eating healthy. Well-rested people are happier and healthy. So try to turn in a little earlier and see what a little more sleep could do for you.

8. Exercise Regularly

Obviously one of the key tenets of getting healthy is exercise. Don’t let your new gym membership go to waste! You don’t have to work out for an hour every time or even work out every day to start seeing results. Gradually building your way up to working out more is the best way to go, so that you don’t get burned out. And don’t forget, exercise doesn’t always have to take place in a gym. You can always play a round of golf at Elk Ridge Golf Course to get your heart rate up. Or you could take an invigorating hike along the Columbia Gorge. No matter what your preference is, get moving! Even a little exercise makes a difference.

9. Relax

In America’s go-go-go culture, it can be hard to remember to slow down and take a break now and then. It’s okay to take a rest day from working out and even work. For ultimate relaxation, get a massage at Carson’s spa or have a healing mineral water soak in Carson’s bathhouse. Relaxing is one of the best things you can do for your body and your mind.

No matter what your resolution is for the new year, we recommend adding the above habits to your list. Invest in your health in 2016. Carson is here to help!