The Most Impressive Waterfalls In the Gorge

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The Most Impressive Waterfalls In the Gorge


Many of you may be coming to Carson Hot Spring Golf & Spa Resort to relax at our spa or spend a day out on the golf course, but we urge you not to miss out on the beautiful scenery! Because of our close proximity to the Columbia River Gorge, Carson is surrounded by a number of beautiful waterfalls. These are the most impressive ones:

Horsetail Falls

horsetail falls oregon- waterfalls in the gorge

Also called Ponytail Falls, this waterfall is 176 feet in height, flowing straight down into the gorge. The trail at Horsetail Falls goes behind the base of the falls, offering a fun way to admire its beauty and the beauty of the area around it.

Wahkeena Falls

Wahkeena Falls- waterfalls in the gorge

Formerly known as Gordon Falls, this waterfall doesn’t flow directly downward, but winds its way down to the gorge. Its subtle beauty has led this waterfall to be featured in many travel books and articles.

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls- waterfalls in the gorge

This is a towering 611-foot waterfall that crashes down into the Columbia Gorge. A few hundred feet up along the hiking trail, you can stand on Benson Bridge, which passes directly in front of the first tier of the waterfall and provides an awe-inspiring view.

Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls- waterfalls in the gorge

This is a 224-foot waterfall that takes viewers’ breath away. It is known for its distinctive patch of lichen, a brightly colored form of algae that sits along the falls. Many photographers are drawn to this area for the lichen as well as its incredible height.

You can see all of these falls and more when hiking along one of the many local hiking trails. If you’re looking for a less hiking-oriented adventure, we came up with a list of places to see around Carson.

So come and kick back in our authentic bathhouse, then enjoy views of our many local waterfalls in the Gorge. We’ll have a room ready for you when you get back!