5 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

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5 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy


It seems like experts find new benefits of massage therapy every day, and some of them can be quite surprising. You may think of massage as something that’s just relaxing, but it is so much more. There are countless benefits to getting a massage. Here are five of the more surprising ones.

1. Helps Posture

Sitting hunched over at a desk all day does a lot of damage to your posture, but massage therapy can actually counteract that. Getting massages on a regular basis loosens up your shoulder and back muscles so that they aren’t so tight from sitting at your desk. This makes it easier to straighten up and hold a proper posture. Massage therapy will keep your back healthy and ensure that you don’t end up looking like Quasimodo in your old age.

2. Improves Focus

Because massages are so relaxing, they can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. This means they also improve your focus. It’s a known fact that if you’re relaxed, you’re not as distracted by little worries. Getting regular massages will help you really hone in on whatever it is you’re doing, and stop you from mentally going over your grocery list while you’re trying to work. So if you’re struggling to stay productive, getting a massage is the way to go.

3. Relieves Migraines

You probably already know that massage eases joint pain and muscle tension. But did you know that it can help with migraines? A lot of migraine sufferers balk at the thought of being dependent on intense pain relief drugs, so they turn to massage therapy. If you’re looking for a holistic treatment for your chronic migraines, then massage therapy is perfect for you.

4. Brightens Skin

Massages promote blood circulation and cell regeneration, which means they can do wonders for your skin. They reduce the appearance of wrinkles and brighten your skin, leaving you looking years younger. It makes for a pretty enjoyable beauty treatment!

5. Eases PMS

Whether you suffer from intense cramps, heightened irritability, or uncomfortable bloating, massage therapy can help ease your premenstrual symptoms. It relaxes your mind and offers naturally pain relief. That’s why if you want to treat yourself while getting some relief from PMS, then massage therapy is the way to go.

So you see there are endless benefits of massage therapy, some more surprising than others. It can help with a number of mental and physical health issues. But if you really want to know what massage can do for you, visit Carson’s spa and get one for yourself!