6 Ways to Relieve Stress Naturally

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6 Ways to Relieve Stress Naturally

relieve stress naturally

Whether you’re having a tough day at work or you just tend to be a little more anxious, stress management is essential for your mental and physical health. Here are six ways to relieve stress naturally:

1. Mindful Breathing

Yes, I know every stressed and anxious person is sick of being told to “just breathe” whenever they’re stressed, but hear me out. Mindful breathing is more than just taking deep breaths. It involves a healing, almost meditative process of inhaling all of the negative energy and, this is the most important part, exhaling positive energy. Essentially it involves clearing your mind and letting your thoughts enter and leave without permitting them to upset you.

2. Exercise

relieve stress naturallyStudies have proven time and time again that exercise is one the most effective forms of stress relief. Not only do the endorphins from exercise give you an immediate mood boost, but exercise also provides long-term mental health benefits including better alertness and improved cognitive functions. It even improves sleep and self-esteem, so it’s a win-win-win!

3. Massage

self care ideasFollow up your stress-reducing workout with a relaxing massage! Massages are proven to reduce stress and improve overall body wellness. They aid with a variety of health issues from joint pain and arthritis to depression, making this stress relief technique both healing and enjoyable.

4. Holistic Nutrition

When working on managing your stress, it is important to take nutrition into account. If you’re constantly consuming caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, or soda, this can greatly increase your heart rate and the likelihood that you will become stressed. Additionally, processed and overly sugary foods can have the same effect, slowing your metabolism and decreasing your energy levels. On the flipside, cutting out or reducing intake of these food items and adding in things like all-natural mineral water, fresh fish, organic vegetables, and the like, can significantly improve your mood, reduce stress, and increase metabolism!

5. Mineral Bath

Mineral baths from natural hot springs (like St Martins Hot Springs right here in Washington state) offer a variety of health benefits, including stress relief. The heat from the bath and the mineral-rich water ease muscle tension, enabling the body to fully relax. Mineral water also strengthens the immune system and lowers blood pressure, providing the ultimate stress relief. So take a soak in an authentic bathhouse like the one here at Carson Hot Springs Resort & Spa, and let your stress melt away.

6. Nature

Columbia_River_Gorge_-_Flickr_-_Joe_ParksLast but not least, one of the best things you can do for your body is to re-acquaint it with nature. Studies show that spending time in the great outdoors significantly reduce stress and improves happiness. So take a walk on our beautiful grounds and breathe in the fresh air while admiring the gorgeous vistas of evergreen trees and rolling hills here at Carson. Stress will be a thing of the past in no time!