Planning Your Next (or First) Waterfall Picnic

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Planning Your Next (or First) Waterfall Picnic

It’s the heart of summer! Let’s hit that local waterfall. That means it’s time to really take advantage of the pitch-perfect weather, the best fruit season, and your upcoming getaway.

Of course we love the wineries, the museums, and a relaxing night in. But sometimes it’s what’s on the outside that counts. And maybe you’re not into golfing or horses. Luckily, the Columbia River Gorge is nowhere near short on natural offerings. Really, have you seen our guide to the local waterfalls? Choose one or choose three for your weekend here, and let’s get into just what you’ll need.

Fresh, local, in-season produce.

Photo via Dave Nakayama on Flickr.

What’s better than some Rainier cherries in the middle of July? Nothing we can think of. The time is ripe! Stock up, and maybe pack a couple sandwiches with tomatoes, greens, and local Washington fish. Don’t forget the napkins, and don’t forget to come back for a light refreshment from our bar.


Yes, we see our sunny days out here. Summer here is full of them! Protect yourself with SPF 15 or higher — you don’t want to be uncomfortable when you finally get back home. Save yourself the aloe vera and exfoliation ahead of time.

Elk Ridge Golf Course

Turn off your cell phone.

It’s time to relax, indoors our out. Wouldn’t it be nice to live without emails for just a little while?


A quality blanket. 

Ants on your pants? (Or your swimsuit?) No thanks! Watch out for the muddy spots, too. The waterfall is — by design — a precarious location for your khakis.

silver star - summer at Carson

What else?

Those are just the basics, of course. There are just a few things that you should probably leave behind! Don’t bring your kite (it’s a danger to the beautiful environment), your alcohol, or your loud music. Stay safe, alert, and enjoy your picnicking! We’ll take care of the rest.