Hot Springs Across the U.S. for Your Bucket List

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Hot Springs Across the U.S. for Your Bucket List

Hot springs in the United States are among the most spectacular natural phenomena. Our own hot springs in Carson, Washington, make for a relaxing retreat alongside our spa services and golf course, but what about those that are their own attraction? We’ve rounded up a list of some of the most beautiful American hot springs. Get out your bucket list.

Our nearest neighbors include Breitenbush, Bonneville, and Crystal Crane Hot Springs, but what about the rest of the Pacific Northwest? A hot spring — generally speaking — is the result of geothermally heated groundwater moving up through the crust of the earth. There are many more technical definitions, but hot springs can arise almost anywhere here. Granted, they can be too hot — for example, if it’s a volcanic area.

First on our list:

Umpqua, Oregon.

Umpqua, via Outdoor Project.

Gorgeous and relatively inexpensive to access, the waters may be murky but the rushing river below makes these pools worth it.

Fifth Water (or Diamond Fork), Utah.

hot springs utah
Fifth Water/Diamond Fork via AllTrails.

How is this even remotely real?

Chena, Alaska.

alaska hot springs
Chena, via TravelRew.

Snow-capped surrounds make for such a gorgeous getaway — especially if you’re staying warm out there. This is Fairbanks, Alaska, that we’re talking about.

Conundrum, Colorado.

aspen colorado hot springs
Conundrum, via Flying for Free Magee.

Morning Glory at Yellowstone, Wyoming.

Morning Glory at Yellowstone, via Crozmap.

Yellowstone has some of the most beautiful pools and springs you’ll ever see. Most people know about the Abyss Pool, but we think Morning Glory is underrated.

Lastly, we have:

Ringbolt, Arizona.

Ringbolt, via Fresh off the Grid.

This is one unique experience, for sure. We hate to mention how it reminds us of that film 127 Hours — things look like they could get a little cramped — but doesn’t that make a visit all the more intimate? Soak it up, essentially inside a canyon.

Wherever you find yourself traveling, please know that this kind of list is by no means definitive. Many more states offer some seriously breathtaking hot springs. We’ve even built our whole resort — a hotel, golf course, spa, and bar & grill — as monument to our own.