Planning a Weekend Getaway This September

Wahkeena Falls- waterfalls in the gorge
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Planning a Weekend Getaway This September

September is gaining on us. Can you believe it? Some kids will be starting back at school in just a few weeks! Back-to-school season brings stressful, hectic days, even for those not sending a child off to the bus every morning. Everyone deserves a little back-to-school getaway to make that transition smoother.

stressed out
Don’t end up like this!

Get out into nature.

If you live somewhere with hard, cold winters: you need to live up the last of the summer breeze and sunshine before it fades off into that grim, icy horizon. Throw your bike into the trunk and find some good trails. Alternately, put on those hiking boots and just explore. Have you ever visited the Columbia River Gorge? It’s the perfect place to spend a good couple days. Waterfalls, actual bodies of water, extraordinary mountains, and all that scenery. Pack a picnic basket and hit the road.

Take a spa day.

You say you haven’t had a minute to yourself in ages. You say this every single day. Now take that moment! Get a massage, get your nails done, take a long bath, have a glass of wine. This is the ultimate way to relax: let someone else take care of you.

We’ve got you covered here.

massage in the winter


Turn off your cell phone. Maybe go so far as to disconnect the Wi-fi (as long as everyone else at home — if you’re at home — is planning to join in on your de-stressing). If you can’t quite swing it, get out of the house! You’ll be less likely to hang out on the couch with your phone and some Cheetos. Get outside, zip away the phone, and try to really be present. Many of our own rooms let you experience a screen-free getaway.

Between the trails, the spa, and the bed, you won’t be worrying about the Monday carpool or Tuesday meeting.

Come stay with us this September.