Hot Springs and the Art of Mineral Soaking

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Hot Springs and the Art of Mineral Soaking

We have access to such a wealth of resources here in Carson. Not only do we have our own spa, acres of land, and hot springs, but we feed that water right into our bath house. You reap the benefits! So we constantly receive questions about the effects of mineral soaking.

  • “Will this help my pain?”
  • “I’m super stressed. How can this help me?”
  • “Will your bath house help with my husband’s circulation issues?”

While we cannot guarantee anything, there are many possible benefits to spending some time soaking in hot mineral water.

Let us count the ways!
mineral soaking pool
Our main soaking pool at the resort.

Naturally occurring minerals from hot springs include antioxidants, mood stabilizers, and essential amino acids. Sulfur is the big one. This is beneficial to brain activity, healthy skin, and bone strength. Silica serves your hair, nails, and teeth. Lithium, magnesium, iron, and potassium will (respectively) facilitate a better mood, circulation, and thyroid health.

Let’s make time to disconnect in the Columbia Gorge.

The hot water will help you relax. Unless you permanently fix your sleep, eating, and self-care patterns, this will not be a permanent benefit, but regular mineral soaking can be a big immediate relief. Heat and buoyancy are the two most important parts of any hot spring, and of any mineral water therapy. The combination helps alleviate stress, pain, and discomfort while you’re soaking. It just feels good.

You can improve your circulation. While this is not a certifiable benefit, most agree that this is true. You’ll warm up, get your blood pumping, and the overall relaxation helps you un-tense those muscles.

There are plenty of online resources for learning more about wellbeing. We are always happy to help educate! If you ever have any questions about our bath house, the hot springs, and which of our spa services will suit your needs — just give us a call.