Local Spotlight: Walking Man Brewing

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Local Spotlight: Walking Man Brewing

So we’re not telling you to not visit the Elk Ridge Bar & Grill. But we’re also not going to neglect a great local recommendation when you need one.

We take craft brews (and wines) as seriously as any Pacific Northwesterner. So we are only doing our due diligence in recommending that you get yourself over to Walking Man Brewing‘s brewpub in Stevenson, stat.

Cheers to wrapping up another Monday! Stop by #walkingman & fill your growler, you deserve it! ????????????

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Need to fill a growler? Want something so local that it’s been brewed right there?

Bring your own, or pick up a fresh one. But not without first sampling as many as nine innovative beers first!

Belly rumbling? Maybe just need something hearty to soak up that pint?

Well, you’re in luck. Their menu is top-notch pub food. Their specials tend to hit all the right German-inspired notes…

…while their regular menu features traditional and new American staples (burgers! fries! corn dogs! pretzels!) as well as some dangerously good pizzas. They’ve also got salad — don’t stress.

You guys, we have some pretty great pizza to go with our pretty great beers! Get in here this weekend! Open 12-9!

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And remember to save room for a boozy treat, too.

Especially as the weather cools down.

I’m still swooning over last nights Cherry Stout ice cream float dessert special! ????

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Have you visited Walking Man Brewing? What’s your favorite local beer? Let’s catch up sometime soon!