If you’re looking for stunning scenery and beautiful, vivacious fish, the Columbia River Gorge is the perfect place to drop a line. Anglers from all over the world flock to the Gorge to catch salmon, steelhead, rainbow, and brook trout, along with many other species; you can even fish off of the banks for sturgeon near the Bonneville Dam! There are a wide variety of options for fishing, and choosing the perfect spot can be an arduous task, so take a look at our recommended fishing locations:

Buoy 10

It might not seem significant, but Buoy 10 is much more than just a channel marker. Located upstream of Tongue Point on the Oregon side of the Columbia River, this famed fishing spot is one of the best during fall salmon season, and houses both chinook and coho. Start trolling with herring or lures, and you’ll be sure to land a few. Sturgeon are also present here, but you’ll need to practice catch-and-release because of their dwindling numbers.

Where the Yakima River enters the Columbia River

Bass fanatics will find that this spot is ideal for sizable smallmouth; weed lines, drop-offs and scattered rocks form perfect hiding spots and resting areas. Cast as far upstream as you can and let it drift downstream so that you can cover the most area, but watch the slack on your line – you won’t feel the bite!

Bonneville Dam to St. Helens

This expansive, 58-mile stretch of the Columbia River offers unlimited opportunities for chinook, sturgeon, trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie and other panfish. There are very large fish in this part of the river – oftentimes 20-40 pound chinook and sturgeon over 10 feet long. Look for rocky structures, islands and shelves that may serve as an ideal hiding spot for particularly voracious monsters.

Always Catchin’ Fishing Charters

Not sure if you’re ready to brave the Columbia River alone? Let the professionals show you the ropes! Always Catchin’ will be sure to not only help you land a fish, but will also show you the best fishing methods for every area. Bait and depth play key roles in determining what type of fish you’ll catch, so learn the best techniques for every area, and take home dinner for the whole family!