Check-In Time: 4pm  •  Check-Out Time: 12 noon

Cancellation Policy and Pre-Authorization

Due to the high demand for reservations, we have a 3 day cancellation policy. Your credit card will be pre-authorized for a dollar amount that covers your entire stay, plus $250 for incidentals. If you have any questions regarding the cancellation policy or pre-authorization, please call the hotel.

Accepted Payments

We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, and MasterCard.

Pet Policy

We charge a $50 non-refundable pet fee per pet. Please call the hotel to make reservations for pet friendly rooms.


All room prices are based on double occupancy. We charge $20 for each additional guest in the room.

Customer Service

At Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort, our goal is to ensure that each guest is 100% satisfied with their overall experience. We go through a great deal of effort to handle each situation as timely and effectively as possible. Our staff has been thoroughly trained and tested to help each guest enjoy our resort.

However, we understand that there are times when problems may arise that are out of anyone’s control. Being in the hotel industry, there are a variety of factors that can complicate a person’s stay and leave them frustrated or disappointed. In order to prevent any of these complications from becoming serious issues, we promise to work with each guest personally so that each circumstance is resolved right away.

Our promise to each guest is 100% customer satisfaction within the tangible limits our of ability to remedy each particular situation.

This includes:

  • Cleanliness of the room
  • Any maintenance defaults or issues (ex: leaks, broken shower, drainage problems, etc.)
  • Electronic problems (T.V., internet, light fixtures)

If ANY part of your stay is not up to the standards you deem satisfactory, contact the front desk within 15 minutes of the problem so that we can fix this problem immediately. The reason we ask for such an immediate response is so that the problem does not affect your overall stay. While these are issues that we try to avoid altogether, we find it imperative that there is a plan of action in place in case tangible problems occur.